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Interior Design? Look No Further

The time comes in the life of most hospitality businesses when change is needed. Perhaps it will be as simple a redecorate that you can manage yourself – particularly if you’re a smaller business. But for larger hotel complexes or chains, getting a professional in to help you create the look and feel  you’re going for might be just the boost you need to relauch a tired old establishment.

The British Institute of Interior Designers is a good place to start if you’re looking for that sort of help. They can link you up with the right person for you, and who knows what you could create together?

They'll Link You Up with a Designer

Head over there now if you’ve got a project of this sort on the horizon.

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Keeping Up With the Jones’ – or, the Competition

In the Hospitality Industry, you need to know what’s going on with the industry as a whole. Innovations are always being made, and changes in the law are always affecting the way we do business – so you have to keep up, or you’ll simply die. Or worse, become illegal!

The British Hospitality Association is useful for keeping up. They’re not as practical as the Institute of Hospitality – but they keep you involved and informed on the modern direction and shape of the industry, especially from a political and legal point of view.

Pop over and keep checking it regularly.

The Editor

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Public Reviews – More Precious Than Gold

These days there is a growing group of customers, web-savvy and wise, who will check out reviews of your establishment online before they come close to booking with you. What that means for you, is that being well-spoken of on review websites is of pretty crucial importance to your image as an entity.

TripAdvisor is probably the most commonly used review site of this nature for UK Hotels, BnB’s and Guesthouses. If there isn’t a review of your Guesthouse on there, you either aren’t well publicized or aren’t good (or bad) enough to write home about.

Head on over to and see if you can find yourself.

Trip Advisor is a key website for customer reviews

The Editor

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For Those Bits of Paper That You Need (Apparently)

The Hospitality Institute is, it’s far to say, the professional body for managers and aspiring managers in the hospitality industry. If you find yourself needing to get a bit of paper that says you can do the job, these boys are the “Go To” for such things. Not only that, but they provide plenty of resources for career development and managerial strategy for those in the industry. It’s definitely worth checking out. To GM’s especially, it’s a good idea to get your head round this stuff so as to help you with selecting the right staff to move into managerial positions, as well as giving you a place to direct them if you’re looking to expose them to further training and more experience.

The Institute of Hospitality has been the "Go To" body for about 80 years.

Worth a look. Click Here

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Boring Facts that Kinda Matter

Well, the truth is that sometimes the facts are boring. But they also kinda matter. The National Bed Federation is a good website for helping you get to grips with the techincal side of the bed industry, and they are (I think) that most nationally recognised, even attempting to get bed-industry voices heard in Parliament.

The National Bed Federation

Head on over for all sorts of helpful little articles that will probably help you avoid getting swindled by swanky salesperson – if you know your stuff, the boot is on your foot, rather than theirs!

The Editor

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Attention BnB’s – An End to Your Booking Nightmares!

Can people book your rooms online?

So I came across this website, provided by World Wide Web Designs in Eastbourne, UK. They have developed an online booking syste that looks pretty easy to use, and also promises to cut out the dreaded pile of unwanted enquiries. Sound intriguing?

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