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Summer breaks are coming. It’s very easy in the school holidays and the weeks surrounding them to do a roaring trade, and I’m sure some of you are recovering from the bank holiday breaks you’ve been providing in excess for the past couple of weeks – there was some wedding or something on I heard.

But summer breaks are on their way, and you need to be ready for them. Here’s a short checklist of things you ought to have ready in time, before the customers start rolling up the driveway.

> Beds! Do you have broken bases, sagging mattresses, worn sheets, lumpy duvets, etc? There won’t be any time to replace things like these whilst you’re fully booked, so get it done now.

> Temps! If you’ve got offers on certain rooms, lots of functions booked or dinner events planned, it might be wise just to review your staff levels. Pop into the HR Office and run it past somebody there to see if taking on temps is possible and/or wise.

> Stock Levels! Make sure that you’ve got enough food, booze and other important items scheduled to be coming in, and it probably won’t hurt to stock a little extra now if you’ve got the room, just in case there’s a rush on.

Those three things are pretty key to the customer side, but don’t forget the more esoteric aspects – is there some money put aside for emergency breakages or replacements? Are rotas organized? Staff disputes at an all time low? These things can be equally as important as the more practical arrangements.

Have a good summer.

The Editor


May 4, 2011 - Posted by | Beds, BnB, Bookings, Hotel, Tips

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