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Zip and Link Beds – All the Big Shots Use ‘Em!

The Guardian review sections are sometimes a good place to pick up industry tips – and this article had a little gem at the end that you ought to notice. Zip and Link beds are a great way to cut down on unnecessary expense – you don’t have to go and buy a double and two singles that would requires endless hauling of divan bases everywhere every time you have a family come to stay – it means your room can be marketed as a king size double, or twin single, at just the pull of a zip and click of a link.

The fact of the matter is, that kind of versatility saves you time, effort and money. Why buy three beds what you can buy one that does the job for the lot? And if you know where to go, the prices aren’t so bad either. Try and avoid the larger chains – you can’t do deals with them. Call up a middle-market company like Beds 2U (which you can find in our side bar – or by clicking here) or someone else of that variety.

Go for Zip and Link - they save you money. But try to get one with the linking bar at the top if you can - not like the one in this image!

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