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Attention BnB’s – An End to Your Booking Nightmares!

Can people book your rooms online?

So I came across this website, provided by World Wide Web Designs in Eastbourne, UK. They have developed an online booking syste that looks pretty easy to use, and also promises to cut out the dreaded pile of unwanted enquiries. Sound intriguing?

I think their basic idea is that with an online system that allows the customer to simply check availability and book for themselves online, your phone line is kept clear and enquiries that are made tend to be more problem specific than general. The fact of the matter is that you can’t expect alot of bookings these days if you’re only contactable via telephone – the world is web wise, and your business needs to be as well. If you don’t have a website, shame on you. And more shame on you if you do have a website, and it’s just a 2d cut out of the shop front and a contact number!

Get a good website, that’s interactive and that customers can book with.

Perhaps is a good place to start?

The Editor


January 26, 2011 - Posted by | BnB, Bookings, Websites

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