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Boring Facts that Kinda Matter

Well, the truth is that sometimes the facts are boring. But they also kinda matter. The National Bed Federation is a good website for helping you get to grips with the techincal side of the bed industry, and they are (I think) that most nationally recognised, even attempting to get bed-industry voices heard in Parliament.

The National Bed Federation

Head on over for all sorts of helpful little articles that will probably help you avoid getting swindled by swanky salesperson – if you know your stuff, the boot is on your foot, rather than theirs!

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Attention BnB’s – An End to Your Booking Nightmares!

Can people book your rooms online?

So I came across this website, provided by World Wide Web Designs in Eastbourne, UK. They have developed an online booking syste that looks pretty easy to use, and also promises to cut out the dreaded pile of unwanted enquiries. Sound intriguing?

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