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Britain Likes ‘Em Big!

John Lewis’ most popular King Size Bed

Hotels, letters and guesthousers all need to be aware of this – there’s been a significant shift in the bed market in Britain today. Both Tescos and John Lewis report that this year just past saw – for the first time – double beds be outstripped in the sales by king size beds. Folk in the hospitality industry need to take stock of this – hotels have long provided larger luxury mattresses, but perhaps the tide is turning and it’s time to start making king size the standard size.

Britain's After Bigger Beds

John Lewis reported that, “our most popular product in 2008 was the Esprit, a king size bed that we introduced in 2008. That year, we sold 15 percent fewer king size beds than standard doubles. Now, we sell 34 percent more king size beds than doubles.”

Sociologists have speculated that this shift in the British attitude to beds may due both to people perhaps being taller and larger than ever before, and to the increasing shift from the bedroom being a social and not merely functional room.

King size beds are available from all good retailers – if they don’t have any king size beds, they aren’t a good retailer! But an interesting way to go about tackling the King Size Problem is to purchase a zip and link hotel mattress. The reason that we here at the Hospitality Hotspot think that these are such a good idea is that you get both a king size mattress and a versatile room for booking purposes – like two rooms for the price of one! You can market the room as a large double or twin single depending upon what you need – ideal! Note however that this works best with Super King Size (6ft Wide) rather than King Size (5ft Wide) because otherwise the mattresses start to feel a bit too skinny to sleep on. Our advice is that if you have the choice between standard king size and super king size, go for super king size every time.

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January 5, 2011 - Posted by | Beds

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